A Bird’s Eye View – New Addition to Each Review

Dear Readers,

In an effort to standardize my reviews and support those that favor numerical representations of information, I have added a new scoring system to each review entitled “A Bird’s Eye View”. At the end of each review, you will see this score box containing a quick evaluation of music, visuals, flow, story, as well as a final score. Music, visuals, and story are pretty self-explanatory but the concept of flow is something less traditional of a category.

Flow is based upon Csikszentmihalyi’s psychological definition and is most akin to the quality of gameplay. In this case, flow measures the game’s ability to create an immersive environment for the player. Games that express this quality will usually have smooth gameplay, imaginative concepts, and an pleasant feel to it.

Each category is scored out of 10 points and the final score is the average of all four scores. Occasionally, a score will be hard to pin down and an explanation will be there to explain any ambiguous ones. I hope this new addition provides more clarity in my reviews and will help the reader judge the quality of the games more easily.


Little Bird



Music – 0/10
Visuals – 1/10
Flow – 1/10
Story – 2/10
Final Score – 1/10*
*This game has literally no action and no music. Just a boring story about flow and a scoring system made to help those allergic to reading.


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