Ballpoint Universe – Infinite: An Ink-Filled View into the Mind of a Doodler

Ballpoint Universe by Arachnid Games (2013)

     Everyone has done it before, doodled around on some scratch paper when they were supposed to be taking notes in class, drawing random geometric shapes or strange figments of our imaginations. Ballpoint Universe takes those once silly afterthoughts and pieces them together to create a fun fast-paced side-scrolling shooter.

BPU 2014-03-14 21-59-15-16
Pew pew pew

     Since every detail of the aptly named Ballpoint Universe is comprised of hand-drawn graphics, the amount of effort and creativity put into this game can be seen in every character and enemy. The landscapes that float by during each level are so detailed that they might even distract you from enemy fire. Although every level is features a different array of enemies and situations, gameplay cam get quite repetitive but the options to upgrade your flying machine, new weapons and kits, help to keep things fresh.

BPU 2014-03-25 17-10-52-72
Stunning backdrop

     The story follows the conflict between the logicians and the doodles where you are a newly created doodle pilot fighting to keep the logicians at bay. As you blast your way through waves of treacherous owls, cold-blooded logicians, and a stone dragon, bits of the mystery behind the sudden conflict are revealed. The plot itself isn’t that entirely cohesive but while Ballpoint Universe lacks in a solid story, the imagination seeping from it will keep the player in wonder.

BPU 2014-03-25 17-12-40-67
Wonderfully doodled boss fights

     The controls work fluidly during the flight missions while using a mouse but when exploring the city of Entrino and beyond, the mouse controls leave something to be desired. The higher than expected amount of platforming is made even more difficult by jumpy movements and odd angles that force me to switch to keyboard control to keep controlled movements. The performance of the game, even on the highest setting, plays smoothly providing quality graphics with low system requirements.

BPU 2014-03-25 17-32-13-28
Stunning visual display made more impressive by an upshot camera angle

     If you’re looking for a beautifully crafted experience with fun side-scrolling action accompanied by a fitting soundtrack, then try out Ballpoint Universe.

BPU 2014-03-25 16-52-25-89
Seriously, how could they?

Ballpoint Universe is available on Steam and Desura

Visit Arachnid Games



Music – 6.5/10

Visuals – 8.5/10

Flow – 6.5/10

Story – 5.5/10

Final Score – 6.8/10


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