Flash Friday! – Perdition

In this Flash Friday, things get a bit darker when you awaken as “Eve”, a sentient android with snazzy purple hair surrounded by machine-made hell on Earth in:

Perdition by Carill Munning

         At first glance, this 2D platformer feels like a horror game as you traverse desolate landscapes enveloped by a haunting atmosphere. As you delve deeper into the writing on the walls however, more subtle messages can be found turning this would-be horror game into a commentary on what it means to have free will.  You make decisions while two seemingly powerful entities try to influence you, never knowing who to trust or obey. Given with the title, several biblical references to sin and forbidden knowledge are used as well as allegories to God and the Devil themselves.

Given sentience by one of the unknown beings
Given sentience by one of the unknown entities

        Communicating only through red writing on the walls, the first entity offers you knowledge of your past and a way to fight against the minions of Gomadi. Kind and protective, it warns you of the harshness that awaits you outside after imbuing you with sentience. The second entity Gomadi, as if a polar opposite, immediately calls you a slave and offers its help only if you obey its every command. Similar to the flash game Loved, its demands may require no small amount of sacrifice. By obeying one, you incur the wrath of the other forcing you to make choices with only your intuition to guide you; though making different choices will lead you to different outcomes so eventually trying everything is recommended.

A mechanical wasteland reminiscent of "Beneath a Steel Sky"
A mechanical wasteland reminiscent of “Beneath a Steel Sky”

      Searching for answers, you witness a surreal mechanical wasteland inhabited solely by enfeebled androids while metallic towers litter the background. The underground is a lot less pleasant, teeming with red wires and change of music guaranteed to make you uncomfortable. With all of this in mind, I believe the purpose of Perdition is not to scare the player. Rather, it uses these uncomfortable spaces as a necessary evil to complete the atmosphere and enhance the storytelling experience.

Dwm 2014-07-09 14-10-49-78
What is going on here?

        Looking strictly at the gameplay, Perdition falls short in the platforming department. Precision jumps with little room for error and difficult sections can sporadically make playing this game somewhat infuriating. Since there aren’t any real platforming puzzles, the intellectual heavy lifting is left to the character developments.

Dwm 2014-07-09 16-43-27-77

        Although not a very uplifting game, Perdition is a notable attempt to discuss very complex ideas in a uniquely styled environment. You will constantly question your actions, or decide not to, uncovering considerable depth within the four different endings brought about as consequence. To truly get the most out of Perdition, you must defy your programming as a gamer or be lost forever to the inevitable.

Become a questioning fool
Follow its commands or become a questioning fool

Warning: This game contains flashing screens

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Music – 5/10

Visuals – 7/10

Flow – 5.5/10

Story – 7.5/10

Final Score – 6.3/10

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