Flash Friday! – William and Sly

This Flash Friday, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane by discussing an oldie, but goodie, about a platforming fox and the search for hidden mushrooms:

William and Sly by lucas “kajenx” paakh (2009)

Dwm 2014-07-24 15-19-42-73

        When I first played this game during my flash game binge many years ago, I was taken in by the forest’s enchanting stormy atmosphere and the fluid movements of being a fox. Bounding from ledge to ledge, scurrying to find the next secret hole, while being surrounded by nature was quite the calming experience. With simple objectives and no fear of “losing”, William and Sly invited me to explore every nook and cranny at my own pace making for a relaxing free-roam adventure that is best served on a rainy day.

Dwm 2014-07-24 15-21-55-27
Can you smell the cool mountain air?

    You play as Sly, the fox-friend of William, tasked with collecting mushrooms littered throughout their vast forest. William warns you that the runes he uses for teleportation have stopped working so re-activating them turns into a side quest; which ultimately becomes the main quest. You collect fireflies along the way to power up these runes while little mud creatures hidden in the low brush try to eat them as you pass by. Not being a very complicated game, most of your time is spent exploring the terrain to find all the hidden items, stumbling across a few special areas along the way.

Dwm 2014-07-24 14-47-01-62
“Hunting” the ever elusive mushroom…

       The only cringe-worthy part of this game is the the final room that feels very out of place. After your relaxing stroll through the forest, you activate the final rune to enter the storehouse only to have this curve-ball of a “boss” get thrown at you. As though it was tacked on to the finale just to fulfill the final piece of the mystery, it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the game at all.

Dwm 2014-07-24 15-22-27-18
Red Fox gives you wings

     On that happy note,  William and Sly is still an adventure worth trying despite its slight graphical flaws and horrid end-game. Its sequel, William and Sly 2, was released in 2011 featuring improved graphics and a more cohesive/complex story-line. It doesn’t have the same rainy mood as the first one, but it definitely lives up to the William and Sly atmosphere.

Dwm 2014-07-24 15-19-32-26

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Music – 6/10

Visuals – 7/10

Flow – 7/10

Story – 4/10

Final Score – 6/10 (Favorable)

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