Flash Friday! – Icycle

You’re a naked man riding a tricycle through a dystopian ice-age trying not to freeze his **** off in:

 Icycle by Dampgnat (2009)

Dwm 2014-08-22 14-58-21-22
The snow glows white on the mountain tonight…

     Creative idea, simple visuals, smooth gameplay, plus an awesome pun to boot; Icycle provides the most random and entertaining of adventures. After being thawed from cryogenic storage, you and your trusty tricycle follow a trail of frozen soap bubbles through a wasteland of frozen landscapes and unstable ground.

The cold never bothered me anyway
The cold never bothered me anyway

     What really gives this game style are the charming settings you trike past. From fractured, spiraling icebergs to a frozen metropolis, each stage presents a unique set of challenges and aesthetic pleasures. Your quest to collect the frozen bubbles gives your journey a sense of purpose, albeit a trivial one. Moderately difficult platforming challenges try to prevent you from achieving perfect levels, but it’s really all about the visuals.

Dwm 2014-08-22 15-03-36-26
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around!

Suff-ice to say, Icycle is a pretty chill game that you should definitely try.

Dwm 2014-08-22 15-05-55-79
I am one with the wind and sky!

You can play Icycle at Agame or on Newgrounds (I recommend Agame for fullscreen awesome)

Check out more of DampGnat’s projects at their Homepage!

Also check out Stilton Studios who helped in the music and audio design of Icycle!


Music – 4/10

Visuals – 8/10

Flow – 8.5/10

Story – 6.5/10

Final Score – 6.7/10 (Favorable)

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