Mind Path to Thalamus Raw Notes (SPOILERS!)

Mind: Path to Thalamus

Below are the unedited notes I took while playing Mind: Path to Thalamus for a look into my mind while playing the game:

*Warning: Spoilers!*


Voice acting a bit weak, too forced

Lot of exposition at the start, man chases tornado and gets daughter killed. His father did the same thing to his sister, ironic?

Is at hospital in coma still thinking to himself

Follow train tracks to desolate flatland

Fog is metaphor for help, first paper on hazards of road fog.

– Fog used to propel player during puzzles

World of Ice, Forest World, Heaven (death?)

Red branches = neurons? Light removes them to clear path

looking at mirrors, looking back on guilt for daughter. Not father’s, his

Light is his daughters light, leading him to the Thalamus. Which would not help until he left the darkness

In cave now, representing coma…dark and wet (Dear Esther cave was cooler)

Just realized I make no footsteps, narrator describes the lack of physical presence disturbing

Nice puzzle on the rain level, involved gravity and timing, pretty landscapes and a first glimpse of the Tree

Same engine as Dear Esther, no wonder it looks the same

There is “her” drawing…leading me to “Sophia”…are the drawings done by Sophia?

Lack of footsteps is kinda strange

Blinking light “textbook storytelling”, breaking the 4th wall? Why now? Why at all?

This fog makes it shit all to see, but once it’s removed it was a pleasant sight

The harder puzzles involve finding things (changes) rather than solving them…but not to the point of guessing

Another puzzle where you have to find rather than solve

This world is falling apart, rocks floating, multiple portals

Mirrors are gone now, portals have taken their place as goals in puzzles

Saw forest world (time shift) then world of ice (memories)


– The entire journey was a fabrication of the main character’s imagination to find forgiveness and is faced with the hard truth at the end instead. Evil him and memory of Sophia teach him that he was obsessed with her death, not his love of her.

– Evil him tells him grim realities.

– His daughter is actually alive, he plans on telling her his story and his father’s…lest she not make the same mistakes.



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