Steam Summer Sale Highlights!

Steam Summer Sale Highlights!

[Updated 6/14]

It’s that time of year again, so prepare your wallets and be sure to spend your money wisely; The sale runs until June 22nd!

Here are some of the top games to look out for (newest on top):

Civilization V: Complete Edition 75% off [$12.49 until 10 am 6/16]


     I have spent over 180 hours in this turn-based empire builder against friends and computers alike. No two games are the same and the scenarios add an amazing amount of variety. While not as complicated as Crusader Kings or as action packed as Total War, Civilization V is still one of the best strategy games out there.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 66% off [$6.79 until 10 am 6/16]

ss_9b86bfc8b10ed17804f033a4a8de209fe90a1280     First-person story that looks like a more engaging Dear Esther with some scary stuff to boot, give it a looksie.

Tomb Raider 2013 – 50% off [$9.99 until June 22] 80% off [$3.99 Daily Deal until 10am 6/14]

TombRaider 2015-03-21 17-14-56-69

     My first exposure to the Tomb Raider games, it’s actually quite well done with exotic graphics and tons of action. Let’s be honest here though, we aren’t here for the story but we might as well stay for the fluid gameplay.

Child of Light – 40% off [$8.99 until June 22nd] 75% off [$3.74 Daily Deal until 10am 6/14]

child-of-light-listing-thumb-02-ps4-us-11sep14     While I have yet to play this one, this fantastical RPG  got stunning reviews from all over and at the low low price of $3.74 for the next few days, it’s easily worth a try.

Portal & Portal 2 – 75% off [$2.49 & $4.99 until June 22nd]

ss_15c08be59046abbd785ab8e7e8857ba8633f292b.600x338     If you don’t have this game by now, you are making some real mistakes in life, get it. Platform and puzzle your way through challenging test chambers using the famed portal gun for a super low price…

Homeworld Remastered – 45% off [$19.24 until June 22nd] 60% off [$13.99 Daily Deal until 10 am 6/13]


     This classic space RTS gets a new coat of paint and shines with it’s epic single-player campaign of your journey across the galaxy to fulfill your destiny. Multiplayer is still in beta and seems rather unsuccessful at the moment but at this price, single player is all you need.

Hatoful Boyfriend – 75% off [$2.49 until June 22nd]

ss_6c191678caebc93c559fc7d9c895abe215560570.600x338Time to Live Dangerously, for only $2.49

This War of Mine – 50% off [$9.99 until June 22nd] 60% off [$7.99 until 10 am 6/14]

ss_e09aaaadbf0bb9f04aabbdb2d18f808c46abee57.600x338     Soldiers aren’t the only casualties of war, take control of a small group of civilians in a war torn city and try your damn best to survive…

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars – 50% off [$7.49 until June 22nd]

78% off [$3.29 until 10 am 6/13]


     Play the epic last installment of the Command & Conquer RTS series (C&C 4 never happened…) and combat the venerable GDI versus the cult terrorist organization NOD at the peak of the Tiberium war involving the SCRIN alien invasion! Kane’s Wrath is a must buy add-on expansion pack [$4.39]!

Prison Architect – 75% off [$7.49 until June 22nd]

ss_3ac57b3e0a33fc44bb5410a4207caee928c46b14.600x338     It’s The Sims prison edition where you determine how these poor bastards live or die…for the sadists at heart…

Notable Mentions

Gods Will Be Watching – 75% off [$2.49 Daily Deal until 10 am 6/15]


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