About Little Bird

~    Video games are quite possibly one of the most diverse and immersive forms of entertainment available. Ranging from epic adventures, to deep mysteries, to pure unadulterated competition, video games have an easy time appealing to a wide variety of interests. By reviewing video games, I want to share my experiences with both the popular and the not-so-well-known games in an informative and entertaining manner. To let the reader know whether a game is worth trying or not and sometimes to present them a game they’ve never even heard of before.

~    Since the Game Boy Color was the most advanced gaming console I’ve ever owned besides a computer, it’s not surprising that the PC has become my favorite medium for playing video games. In a nutshell, I am a casual PC gamer with a soft spot for indie games that tell a great story.  My close relationship with indie games originated from mostly practical reasons: they are usually inexpensive and run well on a computer with a not-so-modern graphics card like mine. Games like Thomas Was Alone, Braid, and To the Moon showed me wonderfully created worlds and stunning soundtracks that gave me an entirely new reason to love indie games.

~     Since starting Little Bird Game Reviews, I have shared a lot but not enough as I hoped for. Having finally obtained a PC strong enough to enjoy even the most graphically intense of games, I hope my library of reviews becomes more varied in the future.

With that, I ask that you enjoy my reviews and feel free to reach out to me with advice or even your favorite games so that I may provide the best experience.


Little Bird

P.S. Not sure where to start? Take your pick from my List of Reviews!


Contact me @ littlebirdgamereviews@gmail.com with feedback, suggestions, or to just say hello!

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photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35188692@N00/3406841293/


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